Bike sharing project at Makerere University Kampala

While Kampala has a non-motorized transport mode share of over 50%, there are very few dedicated facilities for these users. This new bike sharing program at Makerere is an important example of ways to promote bicycling and provide NMT infrastructure in Uganda and East Africa.

Taxis and boda-bodas (motorcycle taxis) were banned from the campus roads two years ago because of their reckless driving and the danger they posed to students, so bicycles provide a safe and convenient means of transport for students and staff around the large campus. Yet another goal of the program is to promote cycling as a beneficial means of transport for health and wellbeing, in addition to it being environmentally sustainable, convenient and fun.

Currently users are only allowed to ride within the university campus. The service is open from 8am to 6pm, 6 days per week, and use is free for the first hour, with a UGX 2,000 (about €0.55) charge for any extra hour. The demand for the bicycles has been higher than expected, and while the pilot is only open to CEDAT (College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology)students in order to oversee and fine tune project management and bicycle security, they hope to soon open the bike sharing program to the entire university.

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