Addis Ababa BRT – Progress and Status

Technical work for the B2 BRT project started in November 2011 and is expected to finish in 2016. TRL is reviewing detailed technical plans for the B2 BRT corridor and undertaking capacity building of the Project Management Unit (PMU) as well as other stakeholders.

The detailed FOPS (Feasibility and Operations Study) study, funded by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), is due to be completed in October 2014. The Mayor of Addis Ababa has made a political commitment to the project describing the B2 BRT project as being part of one of the largest projects over the next 5-10 years.

TRL have visited Addis Ababa to undertake pedestrian and parking audits along the proposed BRT corridors as well as the recently developed bus-priority route. A recent mission involved facilitating a stakeholder workshop to set out a roadmap for the development of the BRT B2 corridor. Additional workshops are planned on topics such as road safety, parking management and BRT operations.

Institutional reform is also occurring in Addis Ababa to facilitate the implementation and operation of mass transit systems. In addition to the PMU a new Public Transport Authority (PTA) is being set up and will take over many strategic functions relating to the BRT. Furthermore, a new public transport operator is due to be set up to operate the BRT under the control of the PTA (with new buses and electronic ticketing).

As well as reviewing the FOPS reports TRL has prepared several reports for Addis Ababa city, including: public transport operational improvements; citywide travel demand management (TDM); preliminary assessment of the bus demonstration corridor; provision for non-motorised transport in Addis Ababa; parking management; engineering design of the B2 BRT corridor; and designing and phasing plan for BRT/MRT network.

In association with the BRT corridors, LRT is due to start operations in January-April 2015. The civil engineering works are due to be completed in September/October 2014. The LRT and B2 BRT systems in Addis Ababa overlap for about 2 km so integration of the B2 BRT with LRT as well as land use planning and other modes is therefore, important. Ticketing integration between the BRT and LRT is particularly crucial for seamless transport or convenience of BRT/LRT passengers.



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