Nairobi City County Launch NMT Policy

nmt policyNairobi City County launched an NMT policy for Nairobi on 17th March 2015 at the Sarova Panafric Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. It was attended by a variety of stakeholders including UNEP, National and County Government and Civil Society. The launch was hosted by Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi, County Executive - Roads, Public Works & Transport, on behalf of Dr. Evans Kidero, Governor of Nairobi City County.

In Nairobi 47% of the populations walk as their main daily mode but to date investment strategies have continued to focus on road infrastructure and moving cars, not people. The accident rates among pedestrians and cyclists in Nairobi is extremely high with 2014 road accident data from Nairobi City County showing that out of 723 fatalities, some 507 (70%) of them were pedestrians.

The policy, which was developed in partnership between Nairobi City County, the Kenya Alliance of Residence Associations and the United Nations Environment Programme, will help address these issues and aims to develop and maintain a transport system that fully integrates NMT as part of the Nairobi transport system. The policy will act as a catalyst in creating a safe, cohesive and comfortable network of footpaths, cycling lanes and tracks, green areas, and other support amenities. It will also spearhead the introduction of laws and regulations to ensure that NMT facilities and areas are prioritized.

Mr. Abdullahi announced that the County Government will commit 20% percent of all funds allocated to roads to construction towards NMT and public transport infrastructure. In his opening remarks in the policy Mr. Abdullahi states “The NMT policy prepared today outlines the county’s objective of increasing the role of NMT as a transport mode, integrating NMT as an essential element of public transport, providing safe NMT infrastructure & allocating adequate and sustainable funding for the development & promotion of NMT.”

The policy was developed in the context of the African Sustainable Transport Forum held in October 2014 and attended by Ministers of Transport, Ministers of Environment and High Level Experts from across the continent. A priority action framework was developed including a commitment for all countries in Africa to put in place an NMT policy and guidelines by end of 2015.

The NMT Policy includes an implementation plan which identifies priority roads for NMT infrastructure upgrades and a series of quick wins including adoption of NMT design guidelines.

The development of this policy was supported by the Strengthening Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change in Kenya Plus (StARCK+) Programme run by The Department for International Development (DFID) and the UNEP Share the Road Initiative developed with the FIA foundation for the Automobile and Society.

You can access the  policy here

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