SUSTRAN Study Tour to Istanbul, Turkey 2015

As part of the GEF SUSTRAN project, a 3-day study tour to Istanbul/Turkey was jointly conducted by UN-HABITAT and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in March 2015. The study tour was joined by 11 representatives from various institutions and ministries of the three SUSTRAN partner cities Kampala (Uganda), Nairobi (Kenya) and Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). The study tour was designed to focus on the planning and design, institutional aspects and regulation and operation of the Istanbul BRT Metrobüs. However, the study tour also intended to raise awareness for sustainable transport and experience the entire range of modes of public transport as well as non-motorized transport in Istanbul. The first day was hosted by Istanbul’s public transport provider IETT (İstanbul Elektrik Tramvay ve Tünel). Mr. Fatih Canitez (IETT) provided insights on Istanbul’s general transport strategy, the design of Istanbul’s BRT and the integrated fares and ticketing system. In addition, IETT organized a Metrobüs tour, which included site-visits of a BRT bus depot, the Metrobüs command and control center and a transfer station as well as a Metrobüs ride crossing the Bosporus to the Asian side of Istanbul. On the second day, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) introduced the urban transport policy and planning process of Istanbul’s transport master plan to the delegation from East Africa. In the afternoon, EMBARQ Turkey supported the study tour with presentations on their projects Road Safety Laboratory, Metrobüs Road Safety and Accessibility and Peninsula Pedestrianization. Afterwards, the delegation experienced high-quality walkability at the pedestrianized historic part of Istanbul during a guided walking tour implemented by EMBARQ Turkey experts. On the last day of the study tour, a ferry ride to the Asian side of Istanbul completed the integrated public transport experience. The study tour ended with a final meeting in which the participants actively discussed and summarized specific recommendations for their respective cities based on the Istanbul experience.


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