Addis Ababa to accomplish the Feasibility and Operational Planning Study for the 1st BRT corridor

Pic 00 teaserThe Addis Ababa Road and Transport Bureau (AARTB) has confirmed that the Feasibility and Operational Planning Study for the B2 BRT corridor (Wingate – Regional Bus Terminal – Gofa Gabriel) is due for completion; the consultant, Delhi Integrated Multi Modal Transit System, is expected to deliver the final reports by January 2015.

The study has been commissioned by the French Development Agency (AFD) and will cover the following:

• Demand and forecasting; estimating the passenger demand for the BRT corridor and the potential feeder lines;

• Service development and operational planning; developing a service plan for the BRT system,

including routes, headways and types of services (e.g. express, regular, etc.);

• Preliminary design: identifying the principal design characteristics of the BRT system with regards to infrastructure, bus fleet, ITS and fare collection systems; and

• Appraisal; providing socio-economic appraisal, risk analysis and an implementation plan.

The interim reports recommend a BRT system of 8 kilometres, to connect Gofa Gabriel with the Regional Bus Terminal, with a provision for a future extension of 4 additional kilometres to Wingate (north). The BRT system is expected to integrate with the two Light Rail Transit (LRT) routes, at the Anwar Mosque and at Mexico Square. Passenger demand is expected to reach approximately 105,000 passengers per day in 2017 and 146,000 passengers per day by 2030. The table below summarises the principal design features, as proposed in the preliminary design:


Source: DIMTS, 2014 (edited by Yorgos Voukas, TRL)

TRL, AFD and UN-HABITAT have consulted with the AARTB office and have provided recommendations for further improvements of the study, particular with regards to the integration with the LRT system; road safety; pedestrian access; and optimisation of the design and operational scheme. The next few months will be focused on the development of the detailed engineering design, with the aim to release the Terms of Reference for the construction of the corridor within 2015.

Author: Yorgos Voukas, TRL, December 2014; Picture source: DIMTS, 2014

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