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The project “Sustainable Transport in East African Cities” was initiated in response to requests from the Governments of Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. After the successful launch of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project in Dar es Salaam/Tanzania, Government representatives from Addis Ababa, Kampala and Nairobi requested UNEP and UN-HABITAT to initiate a similar project for their cities. This strong interest shows a high level of commitment from these countries.Addis Bus Terminal

Addis Ababa, Kampala and Nairobi share challenges related to traffic congestion, poor public transport services and a lack of adequate non-motorized (NMT) transport infrastructure. The three cities also share many characteristics including similar socioeconomic conditions, population growth, migration into urban centres, modal splits, rapid motorization and government capacity. Regional cooperation based on these similarities will help move these sustainable transport interventions ahead. The purpose of choosing three cities within one region (i.e. East Africa) is to foster regional collaboration and create economies of scale so that certain elements of work already done in one location may be transferred and/or replicated in another. The project will thus facilitate the exchange of information and lessons-learned among the three cities. A regional component will therefore be instrumental in ensuring the project's success.

Similar challenges – similar objectives

Because of the congruity between the cities, this project has been crafted with similar objectives in each city. The governments of the three project countries have recognized that the availability of efficient and affordable public transport options, infrastructure for safe non-motorized travel and transport management measures can contribute to poverty alleviation and economic growth. In recent years, the three governments have started to work on developing and implementing urban transport policies and initiatives towards developing, balanced and environmentally sound urban transport systems that integrate all transport modes.

For this reason, this project comes at the right time, just as the three countries are beginning to recognize a need for sustainable transport but are still in the process of identifying the most effective solutions to meet their targets.

Project Cities

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