Goals and Objectives

The overall goal of this project is to create the technical and institutional basis for implementing sustainable metropolitan transport networks and systems and establish a demonstration corridor for sustainable urban mobility.

The long-term vision for the three cities is to create a sustainable transport network in each metropolitan area that offers full citywide coverage, providing safe, efficient, and equitable transport to all residents, rich and poor. The project will support the respective governments in developing such a vision by sketching out a network that entails effective public transport, quality infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists, corresponding travel demand measures and spatial development strategies to reduce travel.

To reach this target, though, starting with small steps in each city seems to be the most feasible approach. Therefore, the first step is to establish a BRT demonstration corridor with adjacent non-motorized transport infrastructure in each of the cities. It is the aim of this project to also support each government in establishing a first sustainable transport corridor, which can serve as a demonstration example and act as a catalyst towards expanding the proposed networks and measures throughout each city.

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