Learning from each other’s experience: The second SUSTRAN Regional Conference and Workshop

On the 22nd and 23rd of November the SUSTRAN Regional Conference took place in Nairobi, followed by the SUSTRAN Regional Workshop on November 24th

During the two and a half days approximately 40 participants from the Project Management Units (PMUs) from the cities of Nairobi, Kampala and Addis Ababa, UN-HABITAT, UNEP, consultants, ITDP, EU, SSATP (Worldbank), IRU and GIZ engaged in a fruitful knowledge exchange.

A special invitee, the CEO of DART (Dar es Salaam,Tanzania) Ronald Lwakatare started the conference with a  presentation of the new bus rapid transit system (BRT). His interesting insights into the lessons learnt by Dar-es Salaam sparked a very active and intensive discussion during which the 3 member cities sought advice on a number of planning steps regarding their ongoing BRT planning efforts.

CEO of DART: Ronald Lwakatare

In their own presentations the three SUSTRAN cities provided an overview of their ongoing sustainable urban mobility projects. Addis Ababa focused on the new LRT and planned BRT systems and their interaction, whereas Kampala gave insights on their multiple projects including the BRT “TransKampala”, NMT options and transport planning. Nairobi also elaborated on its ongoing BRT projects and but focused their presentation on the Nairobi Metropolitan Transport Authority (NaMATA) which is currently being put in place.

Further inputs during the one-and-a-half day regional conference included a presentation of the STADIUM project by IRU, which focused on the integration of Matatus with the existing BRT in Cape Town through ITS measures. Also an interactive session on street design was prepared by ITDP during which participants engaged in the practical exercise of designing a  street along a cross section of Nairobi. The conference day closed with presentations of UNEP on NMT policies and air quality monitoring.

leul hailu demissie


SUSTRAN Regional Workshop

The workshop was held on the day following the regional forum and conference. The discussions could therefore build upon the conference’s fruitful inputs and dialogues. ITDP kicked off the workshop with a presentation about BRT planning standards and parameters. The presentation focused on BRT in East Africa, including key features of BRT and the example of Dar es Salaam’ BRT. The discussion opened the floor for MRT options, with Manfred Breithaupt giving an input on different transit possibilities. Also the specific situations in the SUSTRAN cities were taken into account. Overall, the discussions were focused on comparing LRT with BRT including the provided planning parameter standards by ITDP.

The discussion on mass rapid transit options finally resulted in a broad discussion on what the SUSTRAN cities need in order to achieve their vision of a sustainable mobility system. Zemedkun Girma Tessema from the World Bank introduced their new program that also includes a capacity building pillar which was highly appreciated by the participants.

malve and nancy


The intensive discussions were followed by an introduction by GIZ to Urban Transport Financing Schemes and a presentation of the Solutions Project, a network focused on the transfer of successful sustainable urban mobility solutions in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, by the Wuppertal Institute.

The course ended with an extensive exchange on the achievements of the SUSTRAN project and the way forward.  Generally, participants gave a positive feedback to the SUSTRAN project and highlighted in particular knowledge  gains regarding BRT. However, as many participants have been experiencing persistent non-technical and  technical challenges during the project, especially lacking political leadership, they requested further support to  drive forward their projects. This includes above all building political leadership and setting up institutional  frameworks as well as continued technical assistance in planning and implementing sustainable urban mobility.

final discussion


Thanks to the active and constructive contributions of all participants, the three days SUSTRAN regional conference and workshop achieved to fulfill its goal to enable a city-to-city knowledge exchange and provided a fruitful regional learning experience. 


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